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Alexander McFall


Ph.D Candidate

Contact Information:

Plant and Environmental Sciences 3129

Plant and Environmental Sciences 3127



Ph.D: Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry; March 2014 – Present

University of California Davis; Davis, CA

B.A.: Chemistry, Economics; September 2010 – March 2014
University of California Davis; Davis, CA
Graduate with Honors

Coursework and research in analytical and atmospheric chemistry. Research into oxidative potential of particulate matter in surrogate lung fluid and investigation of potential impacts on human health.


Current research focuses on the effect of freezing environment and illumination media on photochemical reaction rates of environmental interest (i.e. nitrate photolysis, PAH degradation, etc.) as well as analysis of atmospheric reactions under aerosol conditions.


  1. Quantum Yield of Nitrite from the Photolysis of Aqueous Nitrate above 300 nm
    K.B. Benedict, A.S. McFall and C. Anastasio
    Environmental Science & Technology2017 51 (8), 4387–4395
  2. A bias in the “mass-normalized” DTT response–An effect of non-linear concentration-response curves for copper and manganese
    J.G. Charrier, A.S. McFall, K.K.T. Vu, J. Baroi, C. Olea, A. Hasson and C. Anastasio
    Atmospheric Environment, 2016 144, 325-334
  3. Physicochemical properties of iron oxide nanoparticles that contribute to cellular ROS-dependent signaling and acellular production of hydroxyl radical
    C.F. Vogel, J.G. Charrier, D. Wu, A.S. McFall, W. Li, A. Abid, I.M. Kennedy and C. Anastasio.
    Free Radical Research, 2016 50 (11), 1153-1164
  4. Photon flux dependence on solute environment in water ices
    A.S. McFall and C. Anastasio. Environmental Chemistry, 2016 13 (4), 682-687
  5. Oxidant production from source-oriented particulate matter – Part 1: Oxidative potential using the dithiothreitol (DTT) assay
    J.G. Charrier, N.K. Richards-Henderson, K.J. Bein, A.S. McFall, A.S. Wexler, and C. Anastasio. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2015 15 (5), 2327-2340
  6. Hydrogen Peroxide Formation in a Surrogate Lung Fluid by Transition Metals and Quinones Present in Particulate Matter
    Jessica G. Charrier, Alexander S. McFall, Nicole K. Richards-Henderson, and Cort Anastasio. Environmental Science & Technology, 2014 48 (12), 7010-7017


  1. Poster Presentation: “The Quantum Yield of Nitrite from Nitrate Photolysis at the Air-Ice Interface.” 49th American Geophysical Union National Meeting, 2016. San Francisco, CA
  2. Poster Presentation: “Exploration of Photon Fluxes in Illuminated Water Ice.” 47th American Geophysical Union National Meeting, 2014. San Francisco, CA
  3. Oral Presentation (Contributing Author): “Photochemistry at Ice Interfaces.” 248th American Chemical Society National Meeting, 2014.  San Francisco, CA
  4. Poster presentation: “Air Pollution and Health: Which Chemicals in Airborne Particles Can Produce Adverse Oxidants?”, UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference, 2012.  Davis, CA


  1. Donald G. Crosby Fellowship, 2017-18
  2. Jastro Shields Fellowship, 2016-17
  3. Jastro Shields Research Award, 2014-15
  4. Department Citation for Academic Merit: Economics
  5. Honor Society of Phi Beta Kappa: Life Member
  6. Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi: Life Member
  7. Honor Society of Omicron Delta Epsilon: Life Member
  8. UC Davis Dean’s Honor List