Name Graduation Employer Role
Aghanouri, Abolfazl 2016 VF Global Innovation Center Material Researcher
Amicucci, Matthew 2019 UC Davis Post-Doctoral Researcher
Ardura, Dominique 2017 DuPont scientist
Bailey, Shannon 2013 Agilent Technologies Sales Representative
Beaver, Jordan 2019 University of Texas at Tyler Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Bloszies, Clayton 2020
Bolotaolo, Melissa 2020
Bower, Julie 2015 UCD/ETX Post Doc
Brennan, Jennifer 2015 U.S. Geological Survey Research Toxicologist
Bruce, Robert 2019 Chateau du Tertre Cellarhand
Cave, Jonathan 2018 Treasure Wine Estates Analytical QC Manager
Charrier, Jessica 2014 California Air Resources Board California Air Resources Board
Chassy, Alexander 2013 Amyris Process Analytical Chemistry
Choy, Ying 2013 NIH West Coast Metaboloics Center LC/MS Specialist
Coleman, Robert 2019 Beringer Winery Technical Winemaker
De La Rosa, Alyssa 2014 U.S. Deparment of Agriculture Biological Science Technician
Ellison, Rylie 2020 California Council on Science & Technology Science & Technology Policy Fellow
Fernandez, Lorena 2013 Bayer Crop Science Senior Scientist
Frost, Scott 2016 Washington State University post-doctoral fellow
Godshaw, Joshua 2017 Exponent Analytical Chemist
Guggenheim, Kristen 2015 Suez Water Technologies and Solutions Account Manager
Hafner, Sarah 2016 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Chemist
Harfmann, Jennifer 2019 Unknown
Heelan, Avery 2015 Screaming Eagle Cellarmaster
Hirzel, David 2016 Self-employed Winemake/Instructor
Hjelmeland, Anna 2015 Demetrix Head of Analytics
Hsu, Wan-Hsuan 2015 PlexBio Co., Ltd. Technical Support Specialist
Hu, Sixiao 2014 Apple Engineer
Jang, Hae Won 2013 Unknown
Johnson, Arielle 2014 MIT Media Lab
Kaur, Richie 2018 California Air Resources – EPA Air Pollution Specialist
Lai, Yunjia 2017 University of North Carolina PhD Student
Liang, Yan Ling 2016 Unknown
Little, Spencer 2015 TekBerry SQA Engineer, Chemist.
Llodra, David 2013 Independent Stave Company Wine barrels
Lopez, Emily 2019 Unknown
Ma, Lingjun 2017 Yale University Postdoctoral Fellow
Maxwell, Toby 2018 Postdoc at University of OR Environmental Science
McFall, Alexander 2019 University of California Davis Postdoctoral Researcher
Merchant, Alifia 2016 Sensient Technologies Application Scientist
Morris, Jennifer 2014 Environmental Science Environmental Science
Mulligan, Rebecca 2015  Gilead Sciences Research Scientist
Naseem, Sadia 2018 California Department of Food and Agriculture Environmental Scientist
Nguyen, Thi 2017 Current AGC PhD Student
Parry, Emily 2014 Agilent Technologies Applications Scientist
Parsons, Taryn 2018 Unknown
Parworth, Caroline 2017 NASA Ames Research Center Postdoctoral Fellow
Pecora, Gabrielle 2019 Univeristy of California, Davis Post-doctoral researcher
Peterson, Ana 2017 University of Burgundy Postdoctoral Fellow
Redman, Zachary 2019 University of Alaska, Anchorage Postdoctoral Fellow
Rering, Caitlin 2016 USDA Research Chemist
Reusser, Dana 2015 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Rodriguez, Matthew 2020 San Joaquin Valley Agricultral Center, USDA-ARS Physical Science Intern
Saksrithai, Ketwee 2018 Unknown
Schwind, John 2012 Southern Nuclear Sr Chem Tech
Shea, Emily 2021 University of California Department of Food Science & Technology Researcher
Smith, Jeremy 2014 California Air Resources Board – California Environmental Protection Agency Staff Air Pollution Specialist
Tamizifar, Maryam 2019 University of California, Davis Researcher
Tanabe, Courtney 2020 Unknown
Tang, Peixin 2020 University of California, Davis Postdoctoral Researcher
Titus, Bradley 2016 Zymergen, Inc. Team Leader
Trunnelle, Kelly 2012 Sacramento City College Adjunct Faculty
Wang, Qiuhan 2018 United Nations Development Program United Nations Development Program
Williams, Katryn 2017 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). Research Scientist 2
Yu, Lu 2016  BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. Investment Manager
Zhuo, Jingyuan 2016 Seagate Technology